Review: My Friend Dahmer

"My Friend Dahmer" really captivates teenage Jeffery Dahmer in this authentic masterpiece with amazing performance by Ross Lynch and Alex Wolff. The film really shows that Dahmer was just another teenager, but with odd characteristics that made him so much different than the others at his school. Dahmer is antisocial and tries his best to … Continue reading Review: My Friend Dahmer


The Evil Within came out four days ago on Friday the 13th. So, Is it worth it? The short answer is HELL YES! The beginning of the game is incredible, the cut scenes are amazing and the story (so far) has been fantastic. It really captures the survival horror aspect of the game. If you … Continue reading “The Evil Within 2” IS A HORROR-FILLED MASTERPIECE

Cult of Chucky: A step forward for the franchise?

I just finished watching "Cult of Chucky", which is the newest installment to the Child's Play franchise. The movie takes place after Curse of Chucky with Nica Pierce being in a mental hospital for the murders "she committed". Chucky was managed to get smuggled into this hospital by Jennifer Tilly, which was pretty obvious that … Continue reading Cult of Chucky: A step forward for the franchise?


I just got back from seeing the new "IT", unsure of what I was going into and being a little skeptical of if it would live up to the expectations I had myself for it; Which means you have expectations for it as well more than likely. First of all I wanna say that it was … Continue reading “IT” (2017) LIVES UP TO THE HYPE