Cult of Chucky: A step forward for the franchise?

I just finished watching “Cult of Chucky”, which is the newest installment to the Child’s Play franchise. The movie takes place after Curse of Chucky with Nica Pierce being in a mental hospital for the murders “she committed”. Chucky was managed to get smuggled into this hospital by Jennifer Tilly, which was pretty obvious that was going to happen or else how would you have a Chucky movie without Chucky? I’ll try to make this review as short as possible for those that don’t like to read a big article. I went from liking it, to being confused, to liking it again. It was definitely a new feel to the the movies, and I think it was a good feel, like a step foward. It didn’t make as much sense as I hoped it would but it was very enjoyable to watch. There was plenty of plot twists, great death scenes and of course, you get to see Chucky again, but wait.. You get to see not one Chucky, not two Chuckys but three diffrent Chuckys who have hilarious chemistry because, well they’re the same person and are a Cult of Chucky. Now you do get to see Andy, you also get to see Andy get high with Chucky and then see Andy torture Chucky within the first 10 minutes of the movie. He wants revenge for everything the killer doll has put him through, even as an adult, his past is messing with his life and his dating scene. Andy has delt with Chucky for so long, he still has some tricks up his sleeve for him. Chucky is still as brutal as you hope he would be, as in he would stitch someone up who tried killing thierself to stop the bleeding because he’s not done fucking with them. With all that has been said, the movie is worth the watch and will make a great addition to your Child’s Play set you have. Curse of Chucky is now available on DVD and is streaming on Netflix.

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