Review: My Friend Dahmer

“My Friend Dahmer” really captivates teenage Jeffery Dahmer in this authentic masterpiece with amazing performance by Ross Lynch and Alex Wolff. The film really shows that Dahmer was just another teenager, but with odd characteristics that made him so much different than the others at his school. Dahmer is antisocial and tries his best to attempt friendship but fails to do so over and over again. Not only is Dahmer intrigued by “what’s inside’ roadkill, fish and other humans. He tries his best to fight the urge we all know he’s having deep inside him and his malevolent thoughts while his home life is a complete mess. It makes you feel sympathy for young Jeffery and almost root for him to steer his life in another direction. It makes you think that if a few things in his life were changed, he wouldn’t grow up to be the sinister monster we all know he is. The film was really well done and is not your average high school movie, while keeping you stuck to the screen it leaves you wanting more with the perfect ending to this significantly exquisite film that is a great watch. Two awkward thumbs up in each school photo by Sinful Horror. My Friend Dahmer is heading your way November 3, 2017

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