First official clip from “Jigsaw” (2017)

The first clip from Lionsgate's film "Jigsaw", which is the eighth installment for the "Saw" franchise was released today. Several people awaken with buckets on their head and chains around their neck. Let the games begin... October 27th.



The Evil Within came out four days ago on Friday the 13th. So, Is it worth it? The short answer is HELL YES! The beginning of the game is incredible, the cut scenes are amazing and the story (so far) has been fantastic. It really captures the survival horror aspect of the game. If you [...]

The Apocalypse Cult Prepares for a Halloween Sacrifice

New York, NY - Wild Eye Releasing is preparing for the end of days with the DVD and VOD release of Apocalypse Cult. Glenn Triggs tracks an intrepid news team into the woods, where they stumble upon a bigger and more dangerous story than they ever expected. Jane Elizabeth Barry (A Night of Horror: Volume [...]

New “Halloween” film wipes Halloween 2 from the timeline

Since the new "Halloween" film was announced there was reason to believe that the film would replace "Halloween III: Season of the Witch" and continue where Halloween 2 left off. That isn't the case though as Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride have suggested that even Halloween 2 is going to be wiped from the [...]

The Wicked Vault is wickedly awesome for horror fans

Hey horror fans, I found an online shop that sells horror merchandise and it's awesome! The Wicked Vault has everything you need to get your horror fix, you junkie! Action figures, masks, T-shirts, movie props and lots of clowns and zombies. I was sent this incredible "The Exorcist" living dead doll which is great quality [...]

Cult of Chucky: A step forward for the franchise?

I just finished watching "Cult of Chucky", which is the newest installment to the Child's Play franchise. The movie takes place after Curse of Chucky with Nica Pierce being in a mental hospital for the murders "she committed". Chucky was managed to get smuggled into this hospital by Jennifer Tilly, which was pretty obvious that [...]