The Evil Within came out four days ago on Friday the 13th. So, Is it worth it? The short answer is HELL YES! The beginning of the game is incredible, the cut scenes are amazing and the story (so far) has been fantastic. It really captures the survival horror aspect of the game. If you are a horror fan you will be amazed by how fun the game truly is. I was a huge fan of the first one, but the sequel is mind-blowing. The enemies are truly malevolent and brutal; when it comes to your ultimate demise they show no remorse as their ultimate goal is to make you cease to exist… and they’re great at doing so. I have been playing on “Nightmare” mode which is the hardest difficulty in the game, as I love challenges and that’s what it is, a true challenge. The enemies are fast, they are strong and you WILL die and die again, and again and again. The best thing to do is conserve your ammo and be as stealthy as possible to achieve stealth kills on enemies. I am on Chapter 3 and this game shows no sign of slowing down, It’s just getting started! The Evil Within is truly a horror-filled masterpiece and a must have for any horror fan. The game runs very smoothly, this is the game that just got me out of gaming retirement.

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