Rob Zombie is officially directing a follow-up to “The Devil’s Rejects”



Today is a very good day, for you, for me, for that dude over there, for everyone. According to Bloody Disgusting, Rob Zombie has confirmed he is directing a follow-up for one of his greatest movies, The Devil’s Rejects. There seems to be no details for the plot of the movie so far, but considering the movie ended with gun fire and with the Firefly presumed to be dead, it’s probably a prequel or spinoff.


Rob Zombie has been teasing the return for some time now and we were unsure if this would ever happen so it’s nice to get some actual news on it. No, you’re not dreaming. Yes, this is real. Make sure to follow this blog for more news and updates leading up to the film.

9 thoughts on “Rob Zombie is officially directing a follow-up to “The Devil’s Rejects”

  1. Just saw the news about a follow-up to The Devil’s Rejects this would turn a great Duo into a great trilogy I’ll be looking to scouring the internet for the trailers and release date


  2. Ohhhhhh I hope its a prequel 😍 maybe of how they all grew up???!!!! but then again that would have to be a prequel to house of 1000 corpses right? One can dream😊…lol I’ve been praying for a prequel like that to see how they all grew up together!!! Either way I’m super stoked for this!!!! My two favorite movies from Rob #YESPLEASEE 😍😍


  3. This would be amazing. I’m definitely looking forward to another one. Can’t wait to see what Crazy Shit happens in this one👍😁😁


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