Six fan favorite scenes of Sherri Moon Zombie

Happy Birthday to Sherri Moon Zombie, who just turned 47 (I’m updating this post in 2019, she turned 49 today!) In honor of Sherri’s birthday, here’s some of my favorite clips involving the actress.


This first clip is from Rob Zombie’s newest movie “31”


This next one, is by far one of the most famous scenes in “The Devil’s Rejects”. Tutti Fuckin’ Fruity!


Here we have “Baby” having a little fun with the soon to be “Fish Boy”


Sherri doing her job in “Halloween” (2007)


Chinese, Japanese, look at these!


This last one, is by far my personal favorite Sherri scene. “We like to get fucked up and do fucked up shit”

Happy Birthday from Sinful Horror, Sherri!

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