So, depending on how everyone reacts to this post, I’m considering doing “5 BRUTAL KILLS OF THE DAY” where I find some of my favorite death scenes in movies and pick five of my favorite for the day and share them with all of you. Let’s get started.


  1. “High Tension” (2003) Death by saw



2.  Bone Tomahawk (2015) This one is crazy..


3.  “Day of the Dead” (1985) Real animal organs from a slaughterhouse was used during this scene.


4.  “You’re Next” (2011) I really like this death, so I added it.


5.  “Dead Alive” (1992)


One thought on “5 BRUTAL KILLS OF THE DAY

  1. I would also add the death scene from the French original Martyrs, so artistic but also so nauseous. The deaths in The Cabin In The Woods and all of the Final Destination movies were nicely done too. Also, Cabin Fever scene in which that girl was eaten by the dog was awesome too!

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