“Friday The 13th: The Game” Patch(es) will include free DLC maps and prevent “Team killing”

The latest patch for “Friday The 13th: The Game” is in progress; Not only should the patch fix some of the game’s issues and make it run smoother, It’s coming with a few free goodies. The free patch(es) will bring eight brand new character emotes into the game and new fast-paced maps will be 40% smaller, which should increase gameplay intensity.. However it IS the same maps that are already in the game, It should make some matches faster and much more killing. As for team killing goes, According to a reddit post the following will be changed:

“*Public Matches – Team Killing is No Longer Possible

*Public Matches – Cars Can Still Kill

*Public Matches – Traps Still Can Hurt/Kill – no XP penalty Loss to Trap Placer

*Private Matches – Team Killing Still Possible

*Can’t Have Nice Things.


We are unsure of the exact time this patch will be released but my thought would be before or when the physical copy of the game is released in October.


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