Rob Zombie’s 31: Top 10 Doom-Head Quotes

Rob Zombie’s “31” has been released for almost a year now, so we’ve probably all seen it by now. Right? Which means we all know and love Doom-Head, the dude is a bad-ass and also had some pretty awesome quotes. So I am here to brighten your dismal day and put my top 10 in order and to hear yours in the comment section below. Let’s go!

1:  “I am not here to make you happy. I am not here to brighten your dismal day.  And I am certainly not here to elicit an amused response. I am here to end your miserable fucking life.”

  • 2:  I’m not crazy. I’m in control. (Simple, But I use this on a daily basis)d4GeKmR
  • 3: “Let’s get one thing straight. I ain’t no fucking clown.”RX14zgd
  • 4: “Unfortunately, those other fools and idiots gave you the most worthless feeling; and that feeling is hope. The unicorn alive shitting a magic rainbow is but an illusion.’


  • 5: “You should be thanking me man. I’m sending you straight to the fucking pearly gates with a first class ticket.”


  • 6: “All and all you had a pretty good run, But deep down inside you know it had to end somewhere. Might as well be here. Might as well be now, and it might as well be with me.”


  • 7: ” Victorious warriors win first than go to war. While defeated warriors, they go to war first than seek to win. Which are you?”


  • 8: “You know what they say, kemosabe, in Hell, everybody loves popcorn.”


  • 9: ” Bitch, when you run a perfect game day after day. It ain’t luck hon, It’s skill.


  • 10: “Murder school is now in session.”


This was my list for this great character. Thanks for reading and let me hear your favorite quote in the comment section!

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