Dr. Loomis Is Returning for ‘Halloween Kills’

So, you know that awesome scene in ‘Halloween’ (2018) where we get a voice cameo with Dr. Loomis? This one:

It was a great scene and the voice actor did a fantastic job impersonating Donald Pleasence.

It appears that in Blumhouse and David Gordon Greene’s Halloween Kills, we will be getting more of Dr. Sam Loomis. A test screening was played back in February and It’s being reported it won’t be just a voice cameo this time though, as it’s being reported by Dark Universe that Dr. Loomis returns in the film’s 1978 flashback sequence with Michael Myers.

Of course, with the passing of the original actor who played Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) it would have to be a clip from the original movie or CGI. The film has been said to be “bigger, badder and meaner”. Since we now know that Loomis is making an appearance, I think we can all agree this statement seems to be true.

Are you ready to return to Haddonfield?

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