You Can Now Buy Protective Jason Voorhees Masks Made By Horror Makeup Artist Tom Savini

While we are in the middle of this pandemic due to Covid-19, everyone is wearing face masks to stay safe when going out into the public. Here is a an awesome chance for Friday the 13th fans to grab a new face mask.

The one and only iconic horror makeup artist Tom Savini, who worked on the original Friday the 13th film, is crafting protective face masks based on Jasons’ hockey mask. Savini created the masks in alongside special effects/makeup artist Jason Baker, who is known for working on ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

These awesome face masks are selling for $60 each and to get one signed by Tom Savini will cost you $100. Jason Baker also noted that due to the pandemic, shipments will be slightly delayed but they seem to be trying to move as fast as possible. “We’re sending out shipments everyday and trying to fill orders as quickly as possible,” he wrote.

To get one for yourself, Tom Savini is asking fans to contact @bakingjason on Twitter.

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