You Can Now Pre-Order A Nostalgic 1978 “Halloween” Mask

Image result for michael myers 1978

You know how you always find cheaply made Michael Myers masks that look nothing like they should? The ones that look like this:Image result for crappy michael myers mask

Yeah.. that’s for sure what I need in my life, I could even recreate the closet scene   perfectly!

(sarcasm) That would actually look something like this:

Image result for crappy michael myers mask


Don’t worry though, we are FINALLY getting one that looks great and will be perfect for your collection. Trick or Treat Studios did a fantastic job on this mask, bringing “The Shape” back from 1978 and you can pre-order it from The Wicked Vault here.


“This mask is a beautiful replica of the mask worn by one of the most famous movie serial killers of all time in the film that made Michael Myers a household name to Horror Fans everywhere, the original 1978 Halloween.

The Official Halloween Michael Myers mask was sculpted by our very own VP Art Direction Justin Mabry, and is based on numerous screen shots from Halloween, specially the famous image of Michael Myers looking over the bannister ready to attack Laurie Strode.

So get yourself The Official Halloween Michael Myers mask and celebrate The Night He Came Home!”


Don’t wait, take a trip down memory lane to Haddonfield now!


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