The Stephen King Tour in Maine takes you to

If you’re a Stephen King fan, this is just the thing you need in your life right about now. If you didn’t know, Maine is the most important location for Stephen King’s work; King had spent a good chunk of his life there and many of his story are set in Maine.

The town of Bangor in Maine is the real-life version of Derry, where the events of IT takes place. Bangor is also the only place in the world that you will find the Stephen King Tour. The tour will take you in and around Bangor to places that Stephen King has lived and worked. The tour also takes you to places that have inspired his stories and actually film locations from his movies.

Each tour is hosted by Stuart Tinker and is three hours long, stopping at an impressive amount of numbers, 30 locations.

Straight from the tour’s official website:

“We can take up to 6 passengers in a comfortable, air-conditioned Chrysler Town & Country van, or up to 11 in our new Ford E350 Van. Some of the places from IT that you will visit are The Barrens, The Standpipe and Birdbath, the cemetery where Pet Sematary was actually filmed, places that Stephen King lived including his current residence and many more! We do 2 tours per day, the first usually starts at 9:00 am (but can start at 8:00 or earlier) and the second starts at 2:00 pm. (except in the winter when we need to start no later than 12:00 noon so we don’t finish in the dark)! We pick up and deliver at all the hotels in the Greater Bangor area.”

The price of the tour is $45.00 per person (children 12 and under are free), and you can book your own tour on the official website here.

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