Here’s why Dr Satan needs his own movie


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If you’ve seen House of 1000 Corpses you know who Dr. Satan is, If you haven’t seen it, stop reading this right now and go watch it (but make sure you come back to read this afterwards). During the movie, we don’t really get to know Dr. Satan as well as we all want to. In the beginning of the movie Captain Spaulding tells his story to a group of teenagers while they are on his murder ride. He explains to them that Dr. Satan was a torturer, murderer and master surgeon by the name S. Quentin Quale. He also goes into detail about how Quale was an intern for Willows County Mental Hospital nicknamed weeping willows, where he preformed forbidden brain surgery on patients to create a race of “super humans”. Quale was discovered and ended up hanged by an angry mob outside of town. The day after his body had vanished. After all this, there was no trace of Dr. Satan and the location and tale was dubbed as the Deadwood Mystery.


If you go to Otis B. Driftwood’s bio on The Devil’s Rejects’ official site, a different tale is told. Here we find that Baby and he were drawn into a cult led by Dr. Satan. Otis and Baby were expelled by the leader of this cult, after they murdered one of the cult’s leaders with an axe following a dispute over a bottle of whiskey.


Finally in the movie you get to actually see Dr. Satan in his ‘office’ type room and preforming brain surgery and the whole scene in general was just amazing and gave off an eerie feeling that you couldn’t help but love. The way Rob Zombie designed the Dr. Satan costume was great, as he looked badass and it fits his name very well.  Here’s a link to the scene.

Dr. Satan was originally supposed to make an appearance in The Devil’s Rejects but Rob decided to cut that idea as he thought it would stick out too much (he’s not wrong).  He did have a deleted scene which you can watch here where he rips a nurses throat out. The scene didn’t really fit in with TDR but as a stand alone scene it it pretty awesome and leaving you wanting more.



With all this being said, Dr. Satan had the ability to capture the interest of the viewers and had an incredible impact on the movie with such little screen time. The real question is, would a Dr. Satan movie do well with him having more camera time, or does he make such an impact because of little you do get to see him? I think that Dr. Satan is one of the best characters Rob Zombie has made up and has enough of a back story for his own origin movie. What do all of you think?

2 thoughts on “Here’s why Dr Satan needs his own movie

  1. Yessss yesss yesss!! I was just sayong he needs his own movie!! It would be very successful!! Great back story and could lead up to the 1000 corpse story so it cpuld be the prequel. One to less


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