America’s number 1 haunted attraction?

Over the weekend I visited a haunted house named Field of Screams, Located in Lancaster, PA. When I first arrived, It felt like a carnival. They had games, food, shopping stands, clowns, people with chainsaws and awesome music playing. They have 4 attractions here that are uniquely different, which include the Den of Darkness, Frightmare Asylum, Nocturnal Wasteland and Haunted Wastelands.

The Den of Darkness is a 3 story building that was built in the early 1800’s and then converted into a farmhouse and was actually featured on the Travel Channel as one of the world’s scariest haunted houses. It had a pretty decent feel to it, which is just plain awesome to us hardcore horror fans made everyone else run and scream in fear as they raced to the exit away from blood-thirsty butchers and nightmarish monsters. (Cons: You had to crawl at one point)

Frightmare Asylum is a mental hospital that is filled with criminally insane and disturbed patients. This one had a great feel to it and was one of the better ones out of the four attractions and there was no crawling involved like in The Den.

The Nocturnal Wasteland Haunted Trail was my second favorite attraction. It’s like a walk through the woods, Except it’s full of awesome scenes, live actors, and some scares (not as many scares as I hoped for though) It was definitely a much different experience than most haunted attractions you would visit.

The Haunted Hayride was by far my favorite trip part of the my visit(besides the awesome V.I.P party) it lasted about 20 mins and stopped at many locations such as a slaughterhouse, dirty Dan’s redneck clan which had trigger-happy hillbillies, clowns, spiders and more. It was an incredible experience and reminded me of a watered down Rob Zombie feel, Not watered down as in bad, but as in there wasn’t non-stop gore.

So if you like awesome scares, clowns, chainsaws, music, and pure badassery; Field of Screams is by far one of the best haunted houses to go to and well worth my five and a half hour drive there and I will be back, like the Terminator, but cooler.

Here is a link to their Facebook page so you can check them out.

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