‘Dexter,’ Your Favorite Serial Killer Is Returning In 2021

Do you remember how one of the best shows ever made had one of the worst endings ever? You’re probably wondering which show I’m talking about – since everyone has their own unique taste. Dexter. I’m talking about Dexter, the serial killer who couldn’t control his urges but was taught by his father who adopted him to only kill bad people that deserved it. That’s where his “code” started.

The show ended with his sister Debra being on life support. Dexter sneaks into the hospital and takers her out to give her a proper burial at sea and to pay his respects.

After dumping his sister, he faked his death by having his boat get fucked up in the storm that was happening and disappeared to be a lumberjack with a beard. Really? That’s all we get for an ending? This left many fans upset, but still agreeing Dexter is a fantastic show.

The show ended with the series finale in 2013 – but hardcore Dexter fans’ prayers have been answered! The show is returning to Showtime 2021 for a limited series. The series will be 10 episodes long and is set for mid 2021.

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