If you aren’t aware, Scream Factory is releasing a new Friday The 13th Blu Ray set. The 16-disc box set includes incredible art work, a ton of special features and even an uncut version of Jason Goes to Hell on Blu Ray! But, there’s one thing that’s catching fans attention. According to Lost Media Archive, there’s a scene from Friday The 13th Part 2 that had 48 seconds cut from the film. That scene included:

Blood flow was cut from the shot of Alice being stabbed in the temple with an ice pick.

Crazy Ralph’s death initially had the wire choking him to death and piercing his skin.

There was originally blood flow after Jason drives the hammer claw into the police officer’s head.

Additional blood flow was cut from the shot of Jason slicing Scott’s throat.

Mark’s death was edited somewhat: originally, you could see Jason approaching behind him and there was a reverse camera angle showing the machete going into Mark’s face.

The infamous impalement scene was originally shown penetrating both Jeff and Sandra (a still of this scene was published in Fangoria before the movie was released and later reused as a picture on the back cover of a VHS release). Additionally, the sex scene between Sandra and Jeff was longer and it included full frontal nudity from actress Marta Kober but when Paramount studio discovered that she was underage the scene was deleted completely.

As of September 2020, it is now being reported that Scream Factory was finally able to take that lost footage (that wasn’t playable) from a VHS tape and carefully restore it completely! Yes, it will be included in the new box set. If you haven’t already, you can pre-oreder it on Amazon now and own the lost footage and much more on Blu Ray!

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