Legendary Horror Icon Sid Haig Aka ‘Captain Spaulding’ Passes Away


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It is now 5:52 in the morning as I type this, I was getting ready for bed to get up in a few hours and go to work. I opened Instagram to scroll for a few minutes before dozing off and noticed a new post from Sid Haig’s account. We all know he’s been in the ICU after a “nasty spill” and his wife has been posting updates about him on his account, she noted he was doing better and it seemed like he was recovering. Sadly, she just posted an update letting everyone know he has passed away on Saturday morning (September 21st). I honestly can’t believe it, he will always be one of my all time favorites and will never forget his role as ‘Captain Spaulding’. He was such a great actor and seemed like a very good person in general. I will link the IG post below for all of you to read if you have yet to do so. Sinful Horror sends condolences to his wife, kids, friends and family. Rest easy, Sid.

11 thoughts on “Legendary Horror Icon Sid Haig Aka ‘Captain Spaulding’ Passes Away

  1. It seems like all the good people are dying nowadays. I couldn’t believe when I seen this this morning Monday September 23rd 7:48 a.m.

    It’s so unexpected. He was one of the best! He must have lived a very good life and should be thankful for that we all should be thankful for our lives it’s sad to see that his time was so short. It seems like everyone’s dying younger ages instead of living old to their 90’s it’s sad to hear that he has passed. May you be wherever you want to be and I hope you are happy in spirit and wherever you are at sometimes it’s better to be wherever you are at then to be on this planet Earth even though we miss our families


  2. Captain Spaulding was a wonderful actor. He played a wonderful part in Devils Reject. He was also really hilliarious in the movie. R.I.P. May the lord bless you for all your talent that he gave you.


  3. Capian Spaulding was a wonderful actor. He was really great and funny in Devils Rejects. R.I.P. for Devils Rejects being a horror movie it was more hilarious then anything.


  4. So sad to hear,prayers to his family an friends,May God Bless!! I’ve been a fan since I could remember,He will be missed,R.I.P an may God look over his family❤


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