This ‘Slasher’ Themed Mystery Box Is A KILLER Deal (The Wicked Vault)



Hey, horror fanatics! You know how there’s so many different types of horror genres? Just kidding, of course you know, you’re a horror fanatic! Which means you know that sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting down on the couch and watching a “slasher”. Whether it’s Halloween, Scream, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street or any other slasher movie, it holds a special place in your heart (if you have one of those, idk, I’m not a doctor). If you don’t watch slashers, you’re missing out and with that being said; there’s a lot of slasher movies I think don’t get enough credit, movies like “You’re Next”. I’m not crazy if I want to watch someone get a blender shoved into their skull, then watch the blender get turned on and you’re not either (regardless of what your therapist says). The only thing that’s better than watching them, is having the collectibles hanging up on your wall, sitting on your shelf, or stored away in one of the rooms in your house with your mother who is totally alive while you run the motel. Luckily, if you are looking for some collectibles, The Wicked Vault is taking Pre-Orders for another “Slasher Mystery Box”. The box contains 8+ collectibles, yes, that’s right.. COLLECTIBLES! With all new pieces and styles. It contains no tees, no decor and no fillers. Just straight up COLLECTIBLES. The box ships in July and it’s a killer deal for only 99.99. Don’t get murdered in your sleep, click here to check it out.

While you’re here, whats your favorite “slasher”?


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