These Nostalgic Horror/Sci-fi Themed VHS Boxes From Rotten Rentals Filled With Horror Goodies Are A Must Have

Hey, horror fiends! I have a great find for all of us, especially with Christmas right around the corner. Rotten Rentals has some AMAZING horror/sci-fi themed mystery boxes, but unlike other mystery boxes, Rotten Rentals comes inside nostalgic VHS boxes with incredible artwork on the cover so you can place them up on your horror shelves alongside the rest of your collectables.

Whats inside: The standard pack (only $8!) contains random assortment of anything, such as: zombie mini-figures, horror/sci-fi trading card packs, Pogs, zombie Tarot Cards, stickers, buttons, erasers, bookmarks, patches, magnets, decals, temporary tattoos, and more!


They also have limited edition boxes, the covers for these really are limited edition so once they’re gone, they’re really gone. The limited edition boxes feature the same things as the standard pack, except inside there are either extra items or some extra items that have to do with the cover. These range in price from $15-25.

The premium edition boxes are basically the same as the limited edition when it comes to what’s inside, the only difference is the covers are NOT limited edition

With all that being said, these are perfect items for us horror lovers and an ideal gift (Christmas hint hint) for someone you know that’s into horror, but then again, who isn’t?

Check out some of the boxes you can get below:


So, go ahead and head over to Rotten Rentals now and order some great boxes! Don’t procrastinate like you do with your car’s check engine light, these are more important!


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