New “Halloween” Movie Slashes Multiple Records

I’m not gonna say I didn’t see this coming, I kind of expected it when tickets were sold out for every showtime I tried to go to, but, on Friday, the sequel to John Carpenter’s iconic slasher film was on it’s way to pass the October opening weekend record set by “Venom” two weeks ago with $80 million.

This is great news for Universal and Blumhouse, considering “Halloween” has broke a new studio opening weekend record, as David Gordon Green’s “Halloween” has posted an opening of $77.5 million from 3,928 screens. (The movie had a $10 million production budget)

The opening weekend for the film stomped Blumhouse’s previous opening weekend record (of $52.5 million set by “Paranormal Activity 3” 2011) open like a pumpkin. It’s also the second-best opening set by any R-rated horror movie last year’s “It” remake holds the record with $123 million and is among the top 10 openings for all R-rated films.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays Laurie Storde took it to her social media to praise the film, saying,

OK. I’m going to go for one BOAST post. @missjudygreer @andimatichak @halloweenmovie @nbcuniverso @blumhouse @miramax @johncarpenterofficial #winplaceandshow Biggest horror movie opening with a female lead. Biggest movie opening with a female lead over 55. Second biggest October movie opening ever. Biggest Halloween opening ever Couldn’t be prouder of ALL who made this creative experiment have such a thrilling result!#womengetthingsdone #threetallwomen #threestrodewomen #strodestrong #timesup

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