The McGregor vs Mayweather Chainsaw Massacre

The fight that everyone has been waiting for, Conor Mcgregor vs Floyd Mayweather. There was so much talk about who would win this fight, Alot of people were saying that McGregor didn’t have what it would take since he is an MMA fighter fighting with boxing rules. On round 3 of the fight with everyone on the edge of their seat when the lights went off for a brief second moment. Everyone in a panic with nobody knowing what’s going on in the fight all you can hear is what sounds like a chainsaw start up. The lights come back on with McGregor and Mayweather still in the ring. No one knows what happened involving the lights or what the noise was they heard; Until the crowd started screaming with high pitched fear and the camera pans to the right, The whole crowd is going insane and running around; It appears to be some sort of.. riot? No, we couldn’t have been more wrong. The camera zooms in a little bit more and you can see someone chainsawing another man in two and then continues to run threw the crowd bashing people in the head with some sort of hammer/mallet while making his way to the ring. Everyone is just about gone, Even the security gaurds are getting out and not even attempting to stop the chainsaw wielding madman. McGregor and Mayweather still in the ring boxing it out, they must think that the crowd is going insane for them! The man with the chainsaw now making his way into the ring, you can now see him more clear and he appears to have a butcher’s apron on covered in blood along with some kind of twisted mask. McGregor and Mayweather now realize the crowd wasn’t going crazy for them, They are trying to make a run for it as the man I have now been informed they are nicknaming “Leatherface” grabs Mayweather by the throat. Floyd tries to get some punches in on Leatherface but was quickly denied as he is slammed into the ring mat and knocked out cold. Leatherface then throws a mallet at McGregor knocking him through the ropes. He exits the ring and throws unconscious McGregor over his shoulders and picks up his chainsaw he left outside of the ring before entering the first time. He slides the chainsaw under the ropes and puts still unconscious McGregor back in the ring. He enters the ring and walks over to Mayweather who appears to be waking up after being slammed to the mat before and in a panic tries to roll out of the ring but is caught by his left ankle. Leatherface pulls him back into the ring and bashes his head of the ring mat making Mayweather unaware of reality. Leatherface then picks up the chainsaw and starts it, walks over to Mayweather and started cutting his right leg completely off. With Mayweather screaming for his life and blood everywhere Leatherface walks over to McGregor and shoves the chainsaw straight through McGegor’s abdomen. He then cut around McGregor’s face and ripped it off, and attached it to the mask he was already wearing! He walks back over to Mayweather who is still bleeding and and in shock and beats him with his fists until his face isn’t a face anymore. Make that 49-1 for the not so undefeated Floyd Mayweather. This act of terror is now known as “The McGregor vs Mayweather Chainsaw Massacre”

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