I just found out that the canceled Friday The 13TH: 3D (Yes that is the actually title) was going to take place in the winter, yes, the winter. Apparently Paramount changed their mind about the 80’s setting and they wanted more mythology. A few of the quotes I just read in this interview with Nick Antosca were kind of funny, considering one of the quotes being thrown around was “It shouldn’t be that hard to make a Friday the 13th movie.” Maybe not, but considering it was cancelled maybe it is. When asked about his script he said “We had aimed for a winter-set sequel. The details were not hashed out, but it would have involved people returning to the site of the horrific massacre in the first movie — probably just six months later.” A WINTER-SET!? A MOTHER-FUCKING WINTER SET!? Love it or hate it, this is definitely new for the Friday The 13th series and totally could’ve been awesome to see in the reboot… If it wasn’t cancelled! I would love to be able to read the script he wrote for myself. Imagine all the things that could be happening; Jason’s victims could be leaving their footprints in the snow for him to track them, If they randomly fall while running it could actually make sense if there’s ice involved. Not to mention that if it’s cold enough outside and you’re out there long enough that means that there could be two killers after you, Jason and the weather. After reading about this I’m kinda disappointed, Maybe one day.

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