Director found for film based on pro wrestler who murdered family and commited suicide.

Chris Benoit, someone I thought I would never write a horror article about. If you’re a wrestling fan and know who he is you were probably traumatised to wake up one day to hear the sad news of him passing away. But you were probably even more traumatised when more info on his death was released. For those who don’t know, Chris Benoit was a professional wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Over a 3 day period Chris killed his wife Nacy Benoit and strangled their seven year-old son Daniel.  The autopsy showed that Nancy and Daniel both died of asphyxiation and this took place on June 22-25 2007. Nancy (killed on Friday the 22) was found wrapped in a towel and with blood under her head, although Fayette County District Attorney Scott Ballard reported no other signs of a struggle. Daniel was killed while still in bed on Saturday morning (23rd) and Chris commited suicide on Sunday in his weight room using a weight lifting machine to break his own neck. He placed 2 bibles along side his wife and son, then placed a 3rd one on the weight lifting machine. There could’ve been many explanations for him doing this such as brain damage or steroid use. Chris Benoit is now getting a movied based on him titled “Crossface” (crossface was the name of his signature move he used while wrestling). There’s not alot of information about this film such as a release date but the film now has a director. According to Deadline, Brazilian filmmaker Vicente Amorim is going to be the one directing the film.

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