As I awake I feel tall, I also feel blood dripping from my hands but no pain. I look over and appear to be nailed to a giant wooden cross. I don’t know who I am or where I am, But what I do know is I’m hungry and filled with rage. I rip my hands through the nails, fall to the ground and bash my head off the ground. My ankles are tied to the cross and as I go to untie myself I notice my hands are healed and the puncture wounds are gone. I get up and try to walk, After stumbling and falling down numerous times I regain my balance. I find a path and begin to follow it, I hear voices in the distance and follow them to a group of individuals. As I go to walk up to them the gentleman on the far right sees me and immediately drops to the ground while pointing at me and yelling “DEMON, THE DEMON IS BACK.” I black out and begin to have visions of being attacked by these men and nailed to the cross. After coming back from my black out I look around and see everyone that was here a minute ago is now dead on the ground. I look in front of me to see myself holding a man’s throat and have the urge to rip it out so I do so and begin to eat the pieces that remain in my hand. Another man walking up and sees what I am doing. He yells out “Jesus Christ” and begins to run. My vision starts blurring and I’m seeing in red. I follow him and the hunt begins, My name must be Jesus Christ, and you must obey me.