Tonight during Wrestlemania 33 The Undertaker went one on one with Roman Reigns, The match was decent and ended with Reigns bouncing off the ropes 3 times and hitting Taker with a spear to pin him for the 3 count making Undertaker’s Wrestlemania record 23 wins and 2 losses. After Reigns left, The Undertaker sat up. He put his coat and hat on and stood in middle the ring and started to take his gloves off. He then took his coat of and folded it up and layed it down in the ring and paused for a moment to remove his hat and layed it on top of his coat. While the crowd was chanting “Thank you Taker” he walked up the ramp and paused at the top, He then threw his right arm up and the lights went dark. This appears to be him retiring and a lot of childhoods end today. #ThankYouTake 

Video of The Undertaker’s retirement