In Bremerton, WA on January 29th, 2017 26 year old Christopher Duglass and his girlfriend 24 year old Irene Murphy got into an argument over burnt toast, Literally. According to Douglass who admitted to killing his girlfriend Irene early Sunday morning they have been arguing non stop for the past 2 and a half months which leaded to “breaks” between him and Murphy. They thought the air was clear after a 3 day break with Irene staying at her sisters house waiting for the arguments they’ve been having to blow over. She came back home on Saturday the 28th with everything seeming to be okay they watched a movie and went to bed. The following morning Christopher said he woke up to Irene yelling at his 4 month old lab for peeing on the floor. He walked out into the living room to try to calm her down by saying “She doesn’t know any better, She’s still learning and I’ll clean it up” Irene apparently kicked the dog and walked away. After cleaning up his dog’s mess and checking to see if she was okay Christopher walked into the kitchen where Irene was making scrambled eggs and toast for Douglass. He walked uo and asked her why she kicked his dog when she replied “you pay more attention to that damn dog then you ever do to me” she then threw the eggs at him and told him “bon appetie.” Trying to stay calm Christopher replied with “what about my toast, bitch?” Saying nothing at all Irene got the toast from the toaster, put butter on it and then slapped Christopher in the face with it and walked away. Christopher became enraged and went for a walk to try to calm down, After spending about 15 mins walking he came home to find Irene asleep in the bathtub. Christopher then went to the kitchen and grabbed the toaster and the tub of butter, Walked into the bathroom and covered Irene with butter. She woke up to Christopher plugging the toaster into an outlet and turning it on. She asked “What in the hell are you doing?” He turned around to look at her and said “bon appetie” and threw the toaster in the bathtub with her electrocuting her. Realizing what he just did he called 911 and told them that he “burnt the toast” and need to come right away. 
*this is an original and fiction article wrote by*