I stumbled across a poem I wrote when I was 15 (4 years ago) I’ve decided to share it with you guys. 

He has no emotions
He doesn’t care

He takes a walk

To get some air

He’s never happy
He’s always on his own
Come on God
Throw him a bone

He must of found his bone

Because there’s this girl
That makes him feel
This can’t be real

Standing in the rain

She says her name
Hi, I’m Jane
Wanna play the love game?

He nods

He agrees
They’re standing under a tree
They are both pleased 

She says I love you 

I’m giving my heart to you
It must of worked 
Because he loves her too

Look at the time 

Months passed by
They’re still together
Maybe forever? 

She gave him a heart

She made it real
It’s a big deal
Because he still feels

One night 

He can’t sleep tight
He can feel it
Something isn’t right

She tells him the truth

Tears roll down his cheek 
For the first time he’s weak
Because she had to cheat 

She’s a whore

Who loves him no more
She walks out the door
As he drops to the floor

She gave him a heart

To take it away
He always knew
It would end this way

As of today

It’s his turn
To take something away
She should of stayed

He sneaks in her window

He grips the knife 
Time for him
To end her life

He slashes her throat 

Tears her chest apart
Oh look what he has
He took her heart 

He lays beside her

Everything is alright
Nighty night Jane
Sleep tight.